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Cd duplication toronto since 1998. Short run cd duplication can be found here. As a cd manufacturer we do both cd DVD duplication. This cd duplication services includes printed booklet, jewel cases and a graphic art service. Or usually known as packaging. Our audio cd duplication comes with a few promos. We are in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We are in the music business with deals for CD pressing and cd dvd replication. We will do any media duplication. Such as cassettes, hard drives, shaped cds. Well it is been fun talking about manufacturing. But I guess it is really known as duplicating. (also known as burning cd ) Truly we have spent over 10 years duplicating cds or should I say burned cd.
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DVD duplication
( Short run ) 100 DVDs
DVD replication
( Pressed CDs )
500 and up

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We provide free packaging design for your jewel case, label for a cd, and the cd printed insert artwork . No this is not avery or CD-ROM. This PRESSED REAL CDS in full colour. This custom printing is controlled by you. Send us your pictures and we will be your creative agency. Our design firm has done 100s of dvd labels, cd labels and dvd cases and designing album artwork since 1995.

Purchase 1,000 (one thousand retail ready cds from at $1.00 each for a value of $1,000 and get free design CD duplication.

Purchase 500 (five hundred retail ready cds from
Graphics $150.00

Review the materials
TEXT the words in an e-mail or word document
Credits - Track List - Bio - Contact Info - Lyrics -Thank You

IMAGES ( 300 dpi only)
Best being sent with the audio master on a disc
or to be scanned
Desired placement = a mock-up.

Send CD Covers of other artists for the feel and look of your CD
Is it RAP - C&W -- etc

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Type: DVD-CD

If you are buying in the USA there is NO local or federal TAX
However there is shipping. 1,000 CDs to southern states $95.00

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Cd duplication
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