EPK (Electronic Press Kit) a new releases usualy by a publicist that for a band promotion.

HTML press kits (web)
version works as a web page,
an e-mail and an EPK.

PDF Version is here

Most people go for the HTML venison because it is the same elements as "myspace" and "reverb". Once a good EPK is done it can easily convert to other web sites promoting music.

One page, three pictures, three songs, three links = $100.00
Cost to convert to
"myspace"  = $40.00
Cost to convert to
"reverb"  = $40.00

Elements on CD or USB
1) BIO
2) Audio Files
3) Pictures
4) Links
5) Contact Info












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T-Shirts with a logo made in toronto

Writing a press release EPK For $100

Help with graphics


Bands Wanted
book an audition.
Get working. Get paid.
Get singing!


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cd duplication canada

Cd duplication toronto since 1998. Short run cd duplication can be found here. As a cd manufacturer we do both cd DVD duplication. This cd duplication services includes printed booklet, jewel cases and a graphic art service. Or usually known as packaging. Our audio cd duplication comes with a few promos. We are in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We are in the music business with deals for CD pressing and cd dvd replication. We will do any media duplication. Such as cassettes, hard drives, shaped cds. Well it is been fun talking about manufacturing. But I guess it is really known as duplicating. (also known as burning cd ) Truly we have spent over 10 years duplicating cds or should I say burned cd.

paul murton